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Brazilian Week in Båstad

Fitness and Dance Posted on Wed, July 23, 2014 09:22:32

Here I’m again!!

Had an amazing class yesterday with a special feeling: one of my “Zumba lovers”(who attend my dance classes for 7 years) was back after a surgery that put her out for several months!!! Thanks for coming back Felor! We really need you in the crew!! New faces and good energy made our afternoon so blessed!

Next stop: Båstad!!! It’s time to enjoy the Brazilian week there. Båstad is a city less two hours far away from Gothenburg with a beautiful beach . From today, wednesday to Sunday it’s Brazilian theme everywhere there: music, food, dance, samba, capoeira and I spice it up with Zumba classes(wednesday – saturday at 4pm). You’re all welcome to be there with us and enjoy the fantastic Swedish summertime with a Brazilian flavour!

More informations:

You can also text me on Facebook: Paula Mendes or instagram: zumbapaulamendes

Pictures will be on line this weekend…but I really reccomend to be in the picture with me there!!!! 🙂

Have a lovely day!!!

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Start over

Fitness and Dance Posted on Tue, July 22, 2014 13:35:54

4 months… yes…4 months without write one only word here…. smiley

Summertime…people are happy in the street… smile to you… are in vacation and the energy around is a bless!

So many things have been happened and if you follow me in Facebook or instagram…you know exactly what I mean.

Let’s start over from now… I’m trying to share all moments with you…. Get it and make you day better! <3

Båstad ….see you this weekend for Zumba® classes and Samba Show at the beach! It’s a Brazilian week there and I hope to see you !!
Back on Sunday for my afternnon class in Kompassen!!!

Have a lovely week and dont’ forget:
“Life it’s what you make it”

One day at the time

Fitness and Dance Posted on Sun, March 16, 2014 15:15:29

… and it’s that way I like :)Long time ago and full schedule those last weeks…..but I’m back here: ) YUPIIIII!!!

Sitting at the train on my way back from Stockholm(the King’s city …… LOVE IT)….. thinking about an amazing weekend together with happy people and lovely friends….
Just looked at a picture´s quote: “good friends are like stars….you don’t always see them but you know they’re always there”… I’m so luck to have good friends around me….and they don’t need to make more show up…. in a second they make me laugh and happy. Thanks thanks and thanks!! You’re all a gift to me and to have all of you in my life is more that I have been wished…..

Special thanks to Fågelbrohus crew for this perfect weekend!!!

Have a great sunday from a good trip at SJ (in time today – yuuuuupiiii)

The dream came true…

Fitness and Dance Posted on Mon, February 17, 2014 07:21:48

…yeah…. finally the dream came true…..

After several months with hard work….a long vacation time…. mix of feelings and an intensiv week that started with an incredible masterclass and jam session in Aalborg, Denmark and finished in Luleå after an magic saturday.

Last tuesday I have my best ones at the stage…in front of me and over 100 persons. Michael Thomas in his last masterclass and Steve Boedt share their passion with us.A farewell shouldn’t be celebrate as a party but this time…. it was more than a party! Love, dance, energy and happiness was the extra guests “in the house”. Dear Michael, good luck in your new way now….I know our road will cross again no matter where we’ll be!!
Thanks to everyone who help me to make it happen!

Next level of my career: Zumba® step! Wow!!! You’ll gonna love it! Release in Gothenburg: sunday 9th march.

My big thanks today goes to all Zumba lovers from the north part of Sweden, special my host Zakarias and his family and the lovely ZINS from Finland who came yesterday! I have no words to describe the feeling when the music started at the masterclass with the warm up crew and I was beside the stereo…looking over 100 persons smiling, singing and enjoying with their all hearts….. I just bent my knees on the floor and thanked God for what he just put in my life….and asked him if I really deserve it…

Back to Gothenburg wih a heart full of love and a sould full of peace!

Next stop:
Marstrand Havshotel

Lördag 22/2
Check in- 3pm
Zumba®Marathon – 4pm
Zumba®in the night club – 9pm

Söndag 23/2
Zumba®Sentao – 10am
Aqua Zumba® – 11:30am
Zumba®Fitness – 2 pm

“…The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Love to all of you!!

From zero to 100

Fitness and Dance Posted on Mon, February 03, 2014 08:39:44

…Yeah….it’s just like this how I start after my vacation….from zero to 100.
Last week numbers: 8 classes, 1 masterclass, 4 hours reharsals, 2 hours training and full time job!smiley
I’m ready for 2014 and fit to fight!!!!!

Priority is my keyword this year and “To do” list is organized so now it just follows it!

Thanks my beautiful friends and dance lovers who gave me so much this week….all hugs, messages, words and everything that I get from you and made me feel so welcome back!!! smiley

Schedule for this week:
Monday – 7:30pm – Torpavallen
Wednesday – 6:30pm – Valhalla
Thursday- 5pm- Mölnlycke
Friday – 5pm – Frölunda

Sunday – Aalborg/Denmark – Masterclass & Jam session

Wish you a lovely week!

I’m back! 2014

Fitness and Dance Posted on Thu, January 30, 2014 09:24:13

…and after 6 weeks vacation…I’m back people!!!!!!!

Had one of the most amazing vacation time with my family, my friends and the beautiful summertime that Brazil can offer to everyone!

My days was full of sun, good food, nice company, dance, love and laugh… It was 42 days that went so fast but let the peace in my heart.

Thanks my lovely parents to have us there…everyday… giving us so much love and care….I have no words but the certain that I would never be the person I’m, if I didn’t have amazing parents like you! I love you with my whole heart!
Thanks my brother, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends for all nice moments we spent together… afterwork, dinner, voleyball and football matches, sightseeing, beach time, pool party, barbecue, Zumba® Fitness class(of course), samba and much more…. I just enjoyed every second minute.

Some friends help me to make this vacation happens…. direct and indirect….there they were…ready to make everything to make me feel that I can go without get worried about my life here… BIG thanks to Anna Yarari who “adopted” Xuxa for 6 weeks and took care her with so much love….Darling, you’re better for her than me … what you have been doing is much more than I even thought…Thanks thank thanks!!
Kenny, thanks for keep my little “Amazonia” home… my orquideas are so beautifful and all other plants as well!
Martin, thanks for bring and pick up us at the airport….sorry for all lugages smiley… next time maybe you need a bus!

I left half of my heart in Rio but I brought another half full of energy, love and happiness to share with all of you and all those special things made me ready to 2014.

Check it out my schedule and follow me in facebook and instagram(@zumbapaulamendes)
Monday – 19:30 – Torpavallen
Wednesday – 18:30 – Valhalla
Thursday – 17:00 – Mölnlycke
Friday – 17:00 – Frölunda
Sunday – 17:00 Kompassen

Coming events:

Friday 31/1 – Paula Masterclass 2014 release – Dansbyrå 19:15

Saturday 1/2 – Masterclass in Katrineholm
Sunday 2/2 Jam session Katrineholm – Zin members only .

Tuesday 11/2 – Dream comes true – Michael Thomas fareweel – special guest Steve Boedt.
The best Zumba® masterclass
Möllan Kulturhuset – 19:00

Wish you a bless week!!!!

<3 Paula
*Carpe Diem!

Farewell 2013

Fitness and Dance Posted on Sun, December 08, 2013 23:46:50

“….Do something today that your future self will thanks you for.”
Finally, my vacation time is getting closer!

It was a sad and happy weekend…. I call it a “Sentimental weekend”…. tears, laugh, hugs, surprises, fear, happiness, bless, declarations of love..of gratitude …of recognition…. all of them in an weekend! Thanks God! To listen, read and watch all of those things was the best Christmas gift!

Last friday I had my last class in Sweden for 2013…
Instead to have “happy colors in the front line” I saw many of them with black’s outfit regarding my “2013 farewell class”.
Never thought that tears would come every time an old song was on….every single step…everytime that I looked for a smile on their faces and I found sad eyes watched me….. It felt like I was going forever….It’s just 6 weeks and I’ll be back!!!

Friday evening – Glitter team dinner
For the very first time, we had fun together without work!!!!!
Dinner at Tranquilo with five happy friends enjoying life!
Thanks for being part of my life and for support me in all crazy ideas I have 🙂
Guys, you supposed to cross my way!!!! And I never will let you go!!!
2014 will be even better!!! Get ready!!

Saturday – Coffee, Brunch and dinner – Tripple farewell!

After an amazing evening, I was triple booked!! Yeah!!!
Coffe with a friend, brunch with another ones and SATS X-mas party with my colleagues!!

Unfortunately I could say goodbye to everyone that I would like…. I learned that we can’t make everything that you wish in a short time. For those that I couldn’t meet, I send you my special hug and wishes for a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for an amazing 2013!!

I promise send you news from Rio and keep you update by instagram (@zumbapaulamendes) and facebook.
I’ll be back with a lot of news for 2014…..power…energy.. ..inspiration and happiness to share with all of you!

Thanks for all I get from you!!

Love !!


Fitness and Dance Posted on Sun, December 01, 2013 23:12:25


What weekend!!! Everything can be summarized in one word : CHALLENGE….

It started with double booked local to the Christmas Party and 120 “HELP” phone calls to try to fix this all mess.
I’m so thankful for all help I got from my lovely friends…. From Paula de Hollanda for open Dansbyrå’s doors to us… Annelie Duvling who listened again a crazy Paula screaming at the phone during the whole day and for everything that just you and me know that you did…..smiley….. my friend Jerry that droves us around Gothenburg with 6 bags and a stress Paula at the back seat smiley…. my dear Marlene who even injured came and helped us with the check in and as a Zumba freak, made a song for us….. Nina och Benito for share their happiness even when everything was late and a mess….and for our amazing Zumba lovers who came to a new place with a big smile at the face and a big hug to me….. Without you guys I could never make it happen yesterday!! So, thanks from my whole heart.

Saturday night – Gala dinner and the Goldheart’s price!!!!! For one more year I was nominated to Year’s best group exercise instructor in Sweden!!!! It’s one of the best news this year and I’m so thankful to get to the final. Thanks everyone who voted on me! I didn’t get the price but I got the feeling to be loved and estimated from all of you.

Fitness festival was just amazing. Five crazy hours with dance , happiness and energy…..WOW!!!! Thanks everyone who came today and BIG THANKS to my wonderful Zumba instructors. Everything was sooooo awesome!!!!
Thanks Ove Rytter to have us there!!

Two years ago I was in Orlando at the Zumba Jammer’s training and I met Anssi Heikkilä, Zumba Jammer from Finland. Since this day, we’re like “Convention’s best friends” smiley. During more than one year, we’re trying to book a masterclass here in Gothenburg and both of us could never find an available date. Finally for some months ago, we decided that he would come in 2013 and WE MADE IT!!!! Now he knows how crazy I’m and how my days looks like 🙂 It was three intensive days that left a special feeling in his heart. Thanks darling for join me on my classes, all songs, dances, laughs, tired moments and for this Challenge days!!! Tour 2014 is on and we gonna have the same fun that we always have when we hang out!!!! You’re so welcome back!!!

“Hardships often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny…”

Thanks God!!!!

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